MultiVersus embraces life in plastic with huge Barbie tease

MultiVersus continues to provide big teases ahead of a relaunch next month, and the latest hint suggests players will visit a plastic-fantasy world.

Disappearing from the scene in June 2023, MultiVersus is back with a bang on May 28 for a full launch boasting a roster of iconic characters—and another franchise looks set for an appearance.

A teaser for MultiVersus shared on social media.
It’s fantastic. Image via MultiVersus on X

In a post shared on the official X account (formerly Twitter), an image asked, “What happened in the off-season?” alongside the answer to that query, suggesting all the characters “saw the hit movie of the summer.”

Whether the hit movie of the summer is Barbie or Oppenheimer depends on your field of view, but MultiVersus definitely leans towards the latter, with the wording on the post stylized in the same font as the Margot Robbie-fronted movie.

The image also features Harley Quinn, Superman, Velma, and Shaggy embracing the Barbie theme with pink attire accompanied by love hearts, which fans believe is pointing at one thing—Barbie‘s inclusion in MultiVersus.

Whether we’ll see Barbie as a playable character or the movie feature as a stage for battle remains to be seen, but both are plausible given the array of franchises featured in the game.

The roster includes iconic characters from DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Adventure Time, Scooby Doo, Game of Thrones, The Iron Giant, Rick & Morty, and Space Jam, allowing players to take to battle with a choice from a huge cast—with more to be added.

Many of those franchises are present again in the stages where battles take place, including the Throne Room from Game of Thrones and Cromulans from Rick and Morty, a list also set to be expanded.

We’ve already seen tonnes of leaks around future MultiVersus playable characters, and the devs themselves have teased visits to “worlds we have yet to explore,” which seemingly will include Barbie.

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