Haaland is Clash of Clans’ first real-world character, and he looks painfully accurate

Real-world crossovers have become somewhat of a staple in recent years, not least thanks to Fortnite. Despite being tailor-made for it, Clash of Clans has never included a celebrity as a character—until now. The final result is a hauntingly accurate depiction of Erling Haaland.

Soccer superstar Erling Haaland is breaking new ground by becoming the first real-life person to have his very own Clash of Clans character. The most polite description we can give for his model is memorable. We’re sure Haaland is aware of his facial features’ uniqueness, but they are somehow enhanced tenfold in the Clash of Clans engine, resulting in proper nightmare fuel upon close inspection.

Erling Haaland's Clash of Clans character smiling at the camera while wearing full yellow armor
Erling Haaland’s Clash of Clans character is too accurate to real life. Screenshot by Dot Esports

It’s unlikely Erling Haaland is unhappy with his depiction given the circumstances behind this exclusive crossover. In an unusual spin, Haaland approached Clash of Clans developer Supercell for a potential collaboration, not the other way around. The Manchester City striker has apparently been a huge fan of the game for a decade and presented his likeness more as a fan than as a pure business move.

The big Norwegian will bring his talents to the virtual world as part of a soccer-inspired Clash of Clans season, dubbed Clash With Haaland, that will run throughout May. You won’t be able to play as Haaland, but you can recruit him to your party or annoy the lad and raid his land. Beating Haaland on the field will win you some exclusive rewards, so supporters of all clubs will get their fun out of the event.

No matter your intentions, you will get your chance to act upon them throughout May. The season kicks off on May 1 and will end on May 31. While Haaland won’t remain as a permanent character, a “King Haaland” skin is part of the season-themed cosmetics, so a part of his painfully accurate in-game image can remain with you for all eternity.

With the season called Clash with Haaland and the circumstances behind the Norwegian’s inclusion in the game, it’s unlikely that more soccer players will be given their own characters throughout the season. Even then, Erling Haaland could be the first of many crossovers to come in Clash of Clans, having opened the door for something that has always seemed inevitable.

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