Honor of Kings tier list (July 2024)

An exclusive game in China since 2015, Honor of Kings officially made its global launch in June 2024. The mobile MOBA by developer TiMi Studio Group and publisher Tencent Games has a huge roster of playable heroes, but the best ones still stand out.

Just like most MOBA games, you can use different heroes with various roles in Honor of Kings. The usual 5v5 team setup of using a core hero alongside four other heroes is the name of the game, and the first one to destroy the opposing team’s turrets and base crystal wins the match. Using the best hero picks in teams is crucial to make your way to victory.

Here is our Honor of Kings hero tier list for July 2024, classified according to the heroes’ roles in teams.

Honor of Kings Clash Lane hero tier list

Sun Ce
Clash it is. Image via Level Infinite

The Clash Lane role in Honor of Kings dictates the flow of turret push for a team, meaning the Clash Laner should always focus on reaching the opposing team’s crystal as early as possible. You need to use heroes which establish a great balance of offense and defense since they are mostly doing solo 1v1 combats against the Clash Laner of the opposing team, especially in the early game.

Here is our tier list for the Clash Lane in Honor of Kings:

  • S-tier (strongest and most consistent picks in ranked matches)
    • Sun Ce, Dun, Allain, Li Xin
  • A-tier (reliable/decent choices to be used in ranked matches)
    • Lu Bu, Arthur, Kaizer, Fuzi, Biron
  • B-tier (good/viable heroes for ranked matches)
    • Lian Po, Wuyan, Dharma, Mayene, Charlotte
  • C-tier (good but could be picked in more casual matches)
  • D-tier (almost not an option for winning, but could be casual match picks)

Sun Ce and Dun both focus on balancing offense and providing setups for the team to create clashes, while Allain and Li Xin are used more as offensive strikers against enemies while using their swords.

Honor of Kings Mid Lane hero tier list

More damage please. Image via Level Infinite

For the Mid Lane, Mages are mostly the top picks since this role acts as more of the supporting damager of the team. Since the Mid Lane is the most important lane in Honor of Kings because of the possible fast access to the crystal, pushing the Mid Lane should be one of the top priorities of a team.

The only downside for most Mage Mid Laners is their low HP, making them very vulnerable to damage from enemies and even from creeps and jungle monsters. Here are the best Mid Lane heroes in Honor of Kings:

  • S-tier
    • Angela, Princess Frost, Heino, Kongming
  • A-tier
    • Dr Bian, Lady Zhen, Daji, Mozi
  • B-tier
    • Diaochan, Xiao Qiao, Zhou Yu, Liang
  • C-tier
    • Yuhuan, Nuwa, Sima Yi, Gao, Shangguan, Gan & Mo, Mai Shiranui
  • D-tier

Angela, Heino, and Kongming all deal massive damage to enemies, making them the current best picks when it comes to the most offensive Mages in Honor of Kings. Princess Frost is the best debuff dealer, especially with her freezing and slowing prowess.

Honor of Kings Farm Lane hero tier list

The power of range. Image via Level Infinite

As its name suggests, the Farm Lane is where most of the farmable objectives are, allowing these laners to make more gold for the team. Marksman heroes are the top picks for this role, and they can be the carry hero of the team, especially in the late game where they already have the majority of their main items.

Farm Lane heroes are supported by the Roamer of the team most of the time because of their low HP and vulnerability to enemy damage. Here’s the list of the best Farm Lane heroes in Honor of Kings:

  • S-tier
    • Loong, Luban No. 7, Hou Yi
  • A-tier
    • Marco Polo, Lady Sun, Consort Yu, Alessio, Luara
  • B-tier
    • Garo, Di Renjie, Fang, Shouyue
  • C-tier
  • D-tier

Luban No. 7 and Hou Yi are always the most reliable options when it comes to choosing the best marksman heroes for the Farm Lane in Honor of Kings. This is because of their high damage output potential, especially in the late game. The new hero, Loong, is already making waves because of his extremely high damage and easy utility, making him a legit carry hero in the game.

Honor of Kings Jungling hero tier list

Sneak and kill. Image via Level Infinite

Jungling heroes are the ones responsible for getting and accomplishing the objectives for the team. This includes farming gold, the Blue and Red buffs, and various advantages such as for the Overlord boosts. They are also the primary damager of the team as the best targets for offensive buffs, and they should complete their builds as early as possible.

Here are the best Jungling heroes in Honor of Kings:

  • S-tier
    • Lam, Ying, Musashi, Prince of Lanling
  • A-tier
    • Nakoruru, Wukong, Butterfly, Luna, Zilong
  • B-tier
    • Dian Wei, Cirrus, Jing, Li Bai, Liu Bei
  • C-tier
  • D-tier

Assassins such as Lam, Ying, Musashi, and Prince of Lanling are all the most consistent and reliable choices because of their high damage output potential, as well as their skills to escape swiftly and dash into enemies, especially while going in on turrets.

Honor of Kings Roaming hero tier list

Supporting at its finest. Image via Level Infinite

Roaming heroes in Honor of Kings are the supporting cast of each team in combat. They are the backbone of every team since they need to roam around the positions of the other four heroes, with the Farm Laner and Mid Laner the main allies that need to be protected most of the time.

Here is our ranking of the best roaming heroes in Honor of Kings:

  • S-tier
  • A-tier
  • B-tier
    • Cai Yan, Lui Shan, Zhang Fei
  • C-tier
  • D-tier

Dolia, Donghuang, and Yaria all possess great supporting prowess by providing buffs and either additional offensive stats/damage or more HP for allies. They are also easy to use, and their abilities can be spammed over time.

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