What is Hijacked IFF Strobe in MW3?

Certain perks in Call of DutyModern Warfare 3 are often overlooked until a quest asks players to use them. The Hijacked IFF Strobe is one such overlooked gem.

MW3‘s developers aim to get players to test out all the possible mechanics in the game, and this can sometimes require some nudging in the right direction. By offering rewards for engaging with less popular features, they bring attention to underutilized elements like the Hijacked IFF Strobe, which found itself under the spotlight during the MW3 Vortex: Death’s Lair event.

Chances are you may already have this perk unlocked in your arsenal but have never used it. There are much better options out there while finalizing loadouts. Additionally, in a game that favors aggressive playstyles, stealth-oriented perks like the Hijacked IFF Strobe are often sidelined. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

How to use the Hijacked IFF Strobe in MW3

MW3 operators in green aiming their guns
There are certain operations where you can’t afford to make any sounds. Image via Activision

To use the Hijacked IFF Strobe in MW3, you need to unlock it first by reaching level 25. Following this, you can activate this perk via the Armory Unlocks section. Once you do the five required Armory Unlock challenges, Hijacked IFF Strobe will be at your disposal.

One such quest for the “Can’t Die, Must Party” emblem requires players to use the Hijacked IFF Strobe. This quest will have players get 40 hip-fire takedowns with a suppressed weapon and the Hijacked IFF Strobe perk. The challenge description paints an excellent picture of the Hijacked IFF Strobe’s use case in MW3.

What does Hijacked IFF Strobe mean in MW3?

An image of the MW3 CoD Endowment Knight Recon skin
IFF means “Identification Friend or Foe,” and this perk hijacks that process completely.. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Hijacked IFF Strobe in MW3 is a stealth-focused gear perk. When in use, enemy AI won’t be able to detect your presence. This means tools like Recon Drone and Tactical Camera can’t identify you as an enemy player. With this perk, you can focus more on flanking enemies, attacking from their blindsides. Most challenges that feature this perk could also incentivize players to use silencers, which adds to the overall stealth experience.

To make the most of Hijacked IFF Strobe, focus on objective-based game modes like Domination, where players often rely on automated enemy detection tools. In larger game modes, this perk is an excellent choice for sneaking up on campers or navigating through enemy-controlled areas undetected.

Once you’re done unlocking event-specific quest rewards, you can continue to the cosmetics grind with all MW3 multiplayer camo challenges.

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