Hades 2 may be launching in early access sooner than you think

Ever since Hades released back in 2020, underworld enjoyers have been itching for the sequel to this exciting dungeon crawler—and luckily enough, they might not need to wait that long.

The technical test for Hades 2 is coming to a close, allowing players to get a quick taste of the action as they dive into all of the new content that is headed to the game, along with upgraded systems, graphics, and sound effects that they’ve been working on over the past few years.

They also confirmed the game’s early access release will be coming very soon, possible in the next couple months after the technical test ends on Monday, April 29. There was no specific date given in the announcement, but their verbiage has gotten everyone excited for the possibility of having a new Hades title sooner rather than later.

“We plan to start winding down the Technical Test on Monday, April 29, after which point it will no longer be available in participants’ Steam libraries,” the announcement on the game’s Steam page said. “However, we plan to launch Hades 2 in Early Access relatively soon after, so please stay tuned!”

In this upcoming sequel, players will get to delve even deeper into a world saturated in the mystical origins of the Underworld from Greek mythology. You’ll have even more weapons at your disposal with several Boons received from iconic Greek gods like Zeus and Apollo, along with incredible new locations, an atmospheric soundtrack, and a replayable gameplay experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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