Has Dr Disrespect quit streaming?

Following the serious allegations surfaced by a former Twitch employee against Dr Disrespect, the two-timer abruptly ended his June 24 stream—leaving many questioning his future in the entertaining space.

If you like the millions in the two-time’s arena are wondering if Dr Disrespect has actually quit streaming, here’s everything you need to know.

Did Dr Disrespect quit streaming?

Dr Disrespect laughing on stream.
The arena’s going to be empty for a while. Image via Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect is taking an indefinite break from streaming to move away from the limelight, justifying his sudden break due to the fatigue from social media.

While the suspended Twitch streamer turned YouTube star didn’t specifically say he’d be quitting streaming forever, he insinuated that this break might be retirement. “It would be nice to get off and just completely separate. Go live in Costa Rica or something,” Dr Disrespect said shortly before ending his June 24 stream.

Moments after beating a boss in Elden Ring, the streamer appeared visibly shaken after apparently receiving a text. Two minutes later (around 3:14:00 into the stream), he suggested he’s “wanted to quit” several times over the last few years due to burnout. He also shared his desire to start something new outside the realms of social media, and announced he would be starting his planned vacation early.

What did Dr Disrespect do?

Dr Disrespect is washing hands with black colored dye.
Is this the real reason for the ban? Screenshot by Dot Esports

On June 21, former Twitch employee Cody Conners alleged a streamer was banned for sending inappropriate private messages to a minor via Twitch Whispers and attempting to meet the person in question at TwitchCon.

While Conners didn’t name any streamers, Twitch viewers and several insiders connected the dots to Dr Disrespect’s permanent ban back in 2020.

Given there was no reason publicly disclosed by Twitch to ban Dr Disrespect, it’s always been a hot topic among the viewers, who, over the years, have created countless memes over the incident. As a result, the allegations’ tweet went viral, getting close to 30 million views at the time of writing. The YouTube streamer responded to the allegations on June 22, writing on X (formerly Twitter): “I didn’t do anything wrong, all this has been probed and settled, nothing illegal, no wrongdoing was found, and I was paid.”

Two days later, however, Midnight Society, the game development studio co-founded by Dr Disrespect, announced it’s parting ways with the content creator due to the allegations. The studio claims to have been aware of the situation since day one but spoke to the parties involved first before making a decision.

Considering there’s no clear evidence online to back these allegations yet, many fans are furious that the studio ended its relationship with Dr Disrespect.

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