Helldivers 2 Automatons are using extreme measures to counter fan favorite Quasar Cannon

The fan-favorite Quasar Cannon has already shown great strength against the Automaton in Hellraisers 2. But the tin men aren’t too forgiving against our war efforts. Reinforcements keep coming, and this time, the Automatons have a new trick up their sleeves.

Immobilized Devastator with arm shot off in Helldivers 2
Are they learning new strategies while training at the Creek? Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Quasar Cannon arrived on in a Stratagem shipment on March 28. Already proving its worth as an Automaton devastator, the Quasar has quickly become a fan favorite in our ranks. While many won’t simple voice it on social media (in fact, some try to hide it), you will see this Stratagem in high demand across Malevelon Creek, Draupnir, and Ubanea. The Quasar is designed specifically to bring down the ubiquitous and somewhat omnipotent Automaton Dropship.

Things seemed to be going our way until Reddit poster ManofShadows demonstrated the new powers of the Automaton. The countermeasure below shows the pure unpredictability of the Dropship as it swoops down, scoops up the Helldiver, and carries his dumbfounded body into the strong thighs of the Automaton reinforcement. It’s a terrifying sight and one that could deter the Helldivers away from the Quasar for good.

Of course, in this rare instance, this Automaton attack was a bug, but you never truly know what these tin men are capable of. Already labeled as the more challenging faction to face, many Helldivers fear the possibility of a Major Order taking place on the west side of the Sol System. I’m not sure exactly who “meat saw” is, as shown in the elimination pop-up window, but if it’s a new move the Automaton has developed in retaliation to the Quasar Cannon, then Helldivers best beware.

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