Watch out bugdivers, the Helldivers 2 community is blaming you for the fall of Ubanea

There comes a time in every Helldiver’s career when sweet liberty is chosen over fun. But, with the fall of Ubanea and the path to liberate Tibit stretched across multiple planets, Helldivers are already getting their two cents in on who’s to blame for the failure of this Major Order.

Closed Tibit on Helldivers 2
All of this for Tibit. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Operation Swift Disassembly shifted the focus off the Terminid and onto the Automaton. Weeks were spent performing extermination missions against the bug infestations in Mirin and Draco Sectors. Many weren’t pleased about this change, but they stayed quiet about it. The same cannot be said since the failure of Phase II, which included the Helldivers 2 community manager pointing the finger at a “large contingent” distracted by their favorite faction.

But who were the underperformers during this operation? Well, the blame seems to be put on the bugdivers and the creekers. These are the names given to players who are set in their role to liberate bug planets and Malevelon Creek. Labeled for the mission failure, the Helldivers 2 community (those focussed on every Major Order) demanded the whereabouts of their fellow comrades when Ubanea fell. Asked to lend a helping hand on Draupnir, the planet switched from a Defence to a Liberation Campaign and drastically pushed back this Major Order’s progress.

While it may seem all love and war on the surface from the Helldivers, some are concerned about the toxicity this is bringing to an otherwise hilarious game. The roleplaying from Arrowhead alone tells us that Helldivers 2 shouldn’t be taken so seriously, and while players are joining in on the fun, the Reddit comments seem to reveal a darker side.

Now, thousands of players still choose to helldive into Malevelon Creek, and even more continue to face off against the bugs on the east. The cries of the Major Order enthusiasts aren’t being heard.

But is the failure of Operation Swift Disassembly really the fault of the bugdivers and creekers? Helldivers, regardless of their status, should be able to enjoy the game however they please. The emphasis placed on completing Major Orders is far less satisfying when you have to hop onto the official Discord server or Reddit just to see the relevant supply lines needed for the latest Major Order.

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