Helldivers 2 confirms player suspicions about Termicide with the latest Major Order

It seems that player concerns regarding Termicide were true as Super Earth directs us back to the Terminid sector with the latest Helldivers 2 Major Order to disable the Terminid Control Systems.

The Termicide and the Terminid Control Systems were first introduced back on March 12, when Helldivers 2 issued a Major Order to activate these systems on four planets: Erata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, and Turing. But from the outset, Helldivers began to be suspicious about the safety of Termicide and its long-lasting effects. “There is no way in hell that we don’t see crazy repercussions for bombarding these planets with termicide,” a player wrote that day, and they were right.

Giant alien bug in Helldivers 2 opening
No bug is too big for Democracy. Screenshot by Dot Esports

On April 29, Super Earth issued a Major Order to deactivate Terminid Control Systems on these same planets because the Termicide exposure has been linked to a “hyper-reproductive adaptation causing massive bug outbreaks.” It also created mutated Terminid eggs we now have to destroy.

Players on Reddit jokingly wrote that “nobody could have predicted the long-effects of Termicide,” especially when the initial Major Order aimed to quarantine the bugs for good. As we’ve already seen with the Automaton forces, when a faction is almost contained, it comes back with more firepower, and this could be the beginning of a new conflict with Terminids.

Fans hope the mutations create new Terminid units for us to eradicate. One of the enemies players wish to see in Helldivers 2 from the original game is the Hive Lord, a large worm that creates new tunnels for bug reinforcements. We already faced Factory Striders, which act as a similar unit for Automatons, so now seems like the perfect time for something similar to appear on the Terminid front.

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