Speedrunners love this new crab Soulslike—and have already found huge skips

Speedrunners love their Souls titles, so when you combine a janky Soulslike game with underwater crustaceans to get Another Crab’s Treasure, it was always going to be a win.

The indie Soulslike hit has been buzzing up a storm within the speedrunning community, and in a matter of days since its release, players have already been taking the game to the absolute limit.

Take one speedrunner, for example, who wanted to see how far you can go in the game without picking up the fork weapon. It turns out pretty far, as they managed to find clips and ways to get around the map using tight turns and specific shells to make it past the first major boss, Magista.

That’s around four hours of gameplay and multiple bosses and mini-bosses skipped through a series of jumps, all while not having a weapon.

To top it off, other speedrunners are finding ways to use broken sections of the game, such as in Flotsam Vale’s magnet puzzles, to skip hours of the game at a time and make it to the final bosses in areas before they shouldn’t be able to. It’s pretty impressive for a game that has only been out for less than a week.

This is only the beginning and just scratches the surface—or the shell—of what could be possible. As the game garners more interest and develops over time, there is no telling what speedrunners could find and how different the game could be months, or even years later.

Speedruns.com doesn’t currently accept speedruns for Another Crab’s Treasure, but when it does, we can’t wait to see what chaotic strategies have been found.

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