Helldivers 2 Major Order lets the community choose a new Stratagem

The latest Major Order in Helldivers 2 gives players a choice of reward based on which liberation path they choose.

The developer uses Major Orders in Helldivers 2 to provide regular content updates and challenges for the community, who have become devastatingly good at completing these tasks.

A Hell Diver in Helldivers 2 wearing armor from the Democratic Detonation Warbond in the trailer.
Decision time. Image via Arrowhead Studios

A week ago, players took less than 12 hours to squash two billion Terminids in Helldivers 2 in an achievement that was a major victory in the fight for democracy, but the latest Major Order could result in some arguments.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter), developer Arrowhead Game Studios announced the new Major Order gives players the choice of liberating Choohe or Penta and, depending on the choice, players will receive Stratagems for either the MD-17 Anti Tank Mines or the RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher.

The issue, however, is that it is one or the other for the time being, which means that players will have to decide on what approach to take—and if politics has taught us anything, it’s that humanity struggles to agree.

Swiftly after the announcement of the new Major Order, the Helldivers 2 Discord channel descended into a fierce debate on which reward was better, and the arguments have already split through the community.

While the Airburst Rocket Launcher may be a useful tool to take down aerial units in Helldivers 2, there currently isn’t a lot of them to fight, while the Anti Tank Mines, you guessed it, will be efficient in taking out tanks.

Some players have already started looking at Helldivers 2 datamines to find out the true value of both Stratagems, though I’m personally not a fan of this approach, as it’s much better to go with your gut and see how things develop.

Sooner or later, the Stratagem that isn’t awarded will surely be made available in the game, but patience isn’t a strong strength of the gaming community.

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