Marvel Rivals closed alpha test limited to 30,000 players, 10 days

Marvel Rivals’ closed alpha test is now just two weeks away, and more information about what players can expect in the superhero-centric hero shooter has just been dropped.

This morning, NetEase revealed a slew of new details about the upcoming closed alpha test, including system requirements and the list of heroes, game modes, and maps that will be playable in it.

Playable heroes in Marvel Rivals drawn cartoonishly.
Get your team ready to roll. Image via NetEase

The test will run for just 10 days, and it will be limited to about 30,000 players focused on the U.S. and Canada “where most sign-ups have poured in,” according to the publisher.

“As a matchmaking-based multiplayer game, where duration, server physical distance, and time zones shape the battlefield, a test boasting 30,000 contenders finds its true home in a single region,” the company said. “Based on the current game optimization, we’ll be randomly selecting players who meet the recommended system specs to join the test.”

As for specs, Marvel Rivals recommends an Intel Core i5-10400 or AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (Super) or AMD RX 5700-XT GPU, plus a 70 GB SSD, so it will require a decent rig to run on PC.

The test includes 19 playable heroes (Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Groot, Hela, Hulk, Iron Man, Loki, Luna Snow, Magik, Magneto, Mantis, Namor, Peni Parker, Punisher, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Storm, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Man), three modes (Convoy, Domination, and Convergence), and three maps (Yggsgard: Yggdrasill Path, Yggsgard: Royal Palace, and Tokyo 2099: Shin-Shibuya).

“During this test, we’re aiming to sharpen the game modes, enhance gameplay, and validate all the technical nitty-gritty,” NetEase said. “Your feedback is what fuels our game’s evolution, so we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.”

Marvel Rivals’ closed alpha test begins on May 10, and you can still sign up for it on the game’s website.

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