Popular Animal Crossing characters K.K. Slider and Dodo Airlines are getting new LEGO sets

Two more LEGO Animal Crossing sets are on the way, with the introductions of K.K. Slider and Dodo Airlines standing out.

LEGO Animal Crossing sets were first revealed in October last year before being releasing in March—but the gang is now going to expand further. In a teaser posted on X (formerly Twitter), LEGO shared a sneak peek at the minifigure for K.K. Slider, along with a disclaimer that makes it clear that, unfortunately, this version of the musical dog doesn’t sing.

A preview of new LEGO Animal Crossing sets.
Sing and dance. Image via LEGO

The end of the short video then showed a teaser for the two new sets, both of which are joining the Animal Crossing range on August 1, featuring the Town Hall and the Dodo Airlines pier—complete with a seaplane.

The Town Hall set comes with the building itself, a small stage for K.K. Slider, and two other minifigures alongside the musician, Isabelle and Audie. While the initial batch of LEGO Animal Crossing sets included Isabelle, the new version is wearing a different attire. Meanwhile, the Dodo Airlines Airport set features the dock and terminal building, a seaplane, and a minifigure for the pilot, Wilbur. The second minifigure in the set, Tangy, comes equipped with a Nook Miles Ticket.

No prices have been shared for either set so far, but they will likely fall into the same pricing point as the existing LEGO Animal Crossing sets, which range from $14.99 to $74.99.

Looking at the sets, I’d expect them to be around the $39.99 to $74.99 mark, with the Town Hall set likely to be the most expensive of the pair due to a bigger size and extra minifigure, though this is merely speculation.

It certainly seems LEGO Animal Crossing sets are here to stay, with the two new Autumn-themed sets suggesting we’ll see seasonal drops introducing new buildings and characters—so there’s still hope we’ll get Blathers and his Museum.

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