Hollow Knight: Silksong fans are trying not to lose it over an Xbox Store listing

Hollow Knight: Silksong now has its own listing on the Xbox Store, prompting hesitant excitement from fans about its eventual release.

It has been ages since fans heard anything about Silksong. A sequel to Team Cherry’s indie hit Hollow Knight, Silksong was announced back in 2019, but very little has been shared about it, barring a delay that pushed it out of the first half of 2023. Then, out of nowhere, an Xbox Store listing popped up on April 1, which many immediately took to be a cruel April Fool’s prank before realizing it’s legitimate.

Hollow Knight Silksong Xbox store listing page
This isn’t a trick. It’s very real. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Does this mean Silksong is close to finally launching? Not necessarily; after all, it’s already had listings on other platforms for a while, like Steam and PlayStation. This hasn’t stopped Reddit users like GloomyIngenuity143 from getting excited, though. Less_Waltz9100 proclaimed, “The insanity is finally close to it’s end,” since Matthew Griffin, who handles Team Cherry’s PR and marketing, drew attention to the Xbox listing via X (formerly Twitter).

Some users like QuickSilver-theythem are trying not to get too hyped, while others like JacrTVMan pointed out that a showcase dedicated to indie games called the Triple-I Initiative is airing on April 10. Before you start thinking Silksong may show up there, though, there’s nothing to indicate Team Cherry is participating in the showcase.

Silksong also received an ESRB rating, which The_Real_Pale_Dick theorizes could indicate when the game will launch. They shared a chart showing the time between other games’ ratings and release, though it doesn’t exactly narrow things down. Some games launched less than a month after their ESRB rating was published, while others took over 100 days. This didn’t stop users like Sen91 predicting Silksong will be out before the end of 2024.

While some fans could be getting excited over nothing, it speaks to Silksong‘s popularity that even a simple store listing can spark such a reaction. We can only hope the final game lives up to our expectations.

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