How does Fortnite Reload work? New game mode, explained

Fortnite Reload is here, and it is the epitome of peak battle royale gameplay that players fell in love with when the title was still in its infancy stage and soaring in popularity.

Over the years, Fortnite has seen multiple chapters, seasons, and collaborations. However, veterans of the game—who had been playing the battle royale before it blew up on the internet—have been pleading on social media to bring back the glory days, and the developers have finally their prayers. So, how can you cherish the OG Fortnite and play Reload mode with your vintage weapons?

How to play Fortnite Reload game mode?

In-game picture of Fortnite Reload.
OG Fortnite is finally available. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To play Fortnite’s Reload game mode, you have to navigate your way to the Discover screen, select play, and choose the tile with the Zero Build or traditional battle royale with builds and press on play to dive into the nostalgia. You can only play Reload mode in squads.

How does OG Fortnite Reload game mode work?

Players fight in the smaller island in Fortnite Reload.
Same old nostalgia. Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Reload game mode is a 40-player experience on a closer-knit map featuring familiar popular locations like Tilted Towers and Retail Row. Unlike traditional battle royale, it allows you to be aggressive in the early game, as it allows you to self-reboot after going down in the match as long one of your teammates is alive. If the squad is wiped off at any given time, you’ll have to call the bus driver and book another trip to the OG island.

However, teamwork still reigns supreme on the map, as your allies can reduce the reboot timers by downing or eliminating an opponent and wiping an opposing squad to bring you back quicker. At the end of the timer, you will spawn with 100 wood (for the build mode) and a common rarity assault rifle to get the ball rolling. If you eliminate a player, they should drop small shield potions, medium ammo, light ammo, shotgun shells, and 50 of each building material in build mode apart from your inventory.

OG Fortnite weapons are making a comeback into the game after a long time,
Vintage weapons are coming back. Image via Epic Games

Apart from the reboot mechanics, a bunch of OG Fortnite weapons, such as Revolvers, Tactical Shotguns, Lever Action Shotguns, OG Heavy Shotguns, Tactical Infantry Rifles, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers, and Grapplers, are making an appearance in the mode.

Reboot timers start at 30 seconds and rise to 40 seconds later in the match. As the match progresses, the danger zones shrink faster, reboots will stop working in the end game, where the game mode will again become a fight to stay on the longest on the island. The last team to remain alive takes home the victory royale.

If you manage to grab a victory royale, you should get a Victory Crown, which works similarly to other modes. Now, you can play Fortnite Reload and earn all the free rewards by completing the quests in the game.

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