How to beat Dead Bride in The First Descendant

Solely playing the main story of The First Descendant can leave you underpowered when the time comes to take on Void Intercept Battles. The Dead Bride requires more preparation than any previous bosses, so here’s everything you need to know to beat it.

How to defeat Dead Bride in The First Descendant

Boss fight with the Dead Bride in The First Descendant
Always come prepared. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Dead Bride is a level 44 Void Intercept Battle in The First Descendant on normal difficulty and is similar to Stunning Beauty in design. The weak spots on this boss are pretty much the same:

  • Sensor on the head.
  • Core cover and the core itself on the chest.
  • Balancers on the ankles.
  • Shoulders.

Fight this boss from a distance because of its AoE close-up attacks and frenzied state. Dead Bride’s frenzied state is very dangerous and causes the majority of deaths in this battle. Run away as soon as the boss becomes immune because it will create a snow field where you take continuous damage.

Stay outside the snow field and shoot the amplifiers on the boss’s weapon. There are two amplifiers, one at the top and one at the bottom of the weapon. Shoot them to deal some damage and stun the boss.

Best loadout to fight Dead Bride in The First Descendant

Dead Bride boss overview in The First Descendant
Know your target. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Because of how deadly the boss is at close range, use long-range weapons, like assault rifles, scout rifles, and snipers. This way, you can stay safe when the frenzied state begins and deal decent damage to the amplifiers.

You must also account for Modules and types of damage you’re dealing with, especially if you’re underpowered. The boss has strong resistance to Chill and Toxic damage, so make sure your weapons have stats and Modules leaning into Fire and Electric damage instead.

To increase your survivability, you can equip Modules like Cold Antibody and Polygenic Antibody; both increase your resistance to Chill damage, which is the attack attribute of the Dead Bride.

All Dead Bride boss rewards in The First Descendant

The level 44 Dead Bride offers several rewards to expand your collection of Descendants and weapons.

Here are the Amorphous Materials linked to the Dead Bride:

  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 022
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 023
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 024
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 025

Most of these patterns drop materials for rare and Ultimate weapons, but there are a few Descendant drops, including Esiemo Enhanced Cells, Valby Spiral Catalysts, Enzo Codes, and Ultimate Bunny Stabilizers.

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