How to fix error code Marionberry in Destiny 2

Another day, another fruit-inspired Destiny 2 error code. We’re looking into the MARIONBERRY error today, which is related to a networking issue when attempting to connect to Bungie’s servers.

However, unlike other common error codes like COCONUT or CHICKEN, the MARIONBERRY error doesn’t seem to occur due to Bungie. Here’s the cause for the MARIONBERRY error in Destiny 2 and a few fixes you can try.

Causes for the MARIONBERRY error in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Echoes new character reaching hand towards screen
Seriously, what on earth is a marionberry? Screenshot by Dot Esports via Bungie

A networking issue is the major cause of most MARIONBERRY errors in Destiny 2 according to Bungie’s official help page on the code. Specifically, this error relates to a poor connection between your platform (PC or console) and your modem or router and not a server-side issue on Bungie’s end.

A change in Parental Control settings or disruptions in Wi-Fi quality are also common causes of the MARIONBERRY error. In short, it looks like there’s a problem on your end of the line; let’s look into how to fix the issues and get rid of this MARIONBERRY.

Fixes for the MARIONBERRY error in Destiny 2

Here are a few fixes you can try to clear the MARIONBERRY error in Destiny 2:

  • Restart your PC or console, then re-launch and attempt to connect to Destiny 2 servers again.
  • Perform a “cold reboot” of your internet connection. Turn off your modem, then switch off and unplug the device at the power. Wait 30 seconds, then plug the device back in and switch it back on. You’ll have to wait a few minutes before the connection is restored.
  • Connect your device to your modem or router via Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi if you’re currently on wireless.
  • Confirm the issue is not related to a change in Parental Controls, which can be found on your modem’s settings page. If you do not have access to this page, skip this step.
  • Attempt to use an alternate internet connection, such as a mobile hotspot. Continued MARIONBERRY issues on an alternate connection indicate a problem with your PC or console instead of your connection.

If the issue persists on your main connection, you may need to switch to an Ethernet connection or contact your ISP for maintenance. You can also try Bungie’s Network Troubleshooting Guide for more alternate methods.

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