How to get the Choir of One Exotic auto rifle in Destiny 2

There has been no shortage of Exotic weaponry for guardians to use during the launch of The Final Shape and Episode: Echoes in Destiny 2, but there’s still more to come with another Exotic quest slated for later this season.

Details about the weapon were totally unknown until mid-June when dataminers got their hands on the name and traits of the weapon: Choir of One, a Vex-inspired gun that will be a surefire addition to your growing collection. Here’s what we know about Choir of One in Destiny 2 right now. Major spoilers ahead!

Where to find Choir of One in Destiny 2

A Warlock in Vex armor fires at Vex enemies on Nessus in Destiny 2.
A new Exotic is on the way. Image via Bungie

Choir of One is a Void Exotic auto rifle that is set to arrive with its own Exotic mission sometime during Episode: Echoes. According to dataminer @Bungie_Leaks on X (formerly Twitter), Choir of One will be available during Act Three of the episode on August 27.

This is partially confirmed by Bungie on the official Episode: Echoes website, which says an Exotic quest is coming during late August’s act three of the episode. With the annual Solstice event taking up much of Act Two, and The Final Shape‘s storyline dominating Act One, there’s enough breathing room during the final act of Echoes.

What does Choir of One do in Destiny 2? All Exotic perks and traits

The Choir of One and its ornament in Destiny 2.
Become a Wyvern. Image via @Bungie_Leaks on X/Twitter

The Choir of One is designed for add clearing and high precision damage, according to the leaks. Its primary Exotic Intrinsic trait is Command Frame, which sees the weapon fire “extended range, heavy-caliber projectiles at a reduced rate of fire,” with precision hits dealing extra damage while the player is aiming down sights.

Choir of One’s Exotic secondary trait is Fanatical Lance, which states that rapid kills with Choir of One cause targets to explode in a pool of radiolarian fluid, similar to the Episode: Echoes set of weapons with Radiolaria Transposer. Additionally, firing Choir of One from the hip will launch multiple projectiles at once in a “slower, moving spread pattern” similar to the Vex Wyvern split-shot attack over longer ranges.

Like Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected, completing higher difficulty versions of the Exotic quest will reward catalyst perks to craft on Choir of One. The three catalyst perks reportedly include Subsistence (kills with the weapon refill the magazine), Onslaught (kills increase the weapon’s rate of fire), and Destabilizing Rounds (kills with the weapon cause nearby targets to become volatile).

As with any leaked information in Destiny 2, exact perks or other details may be subject to change, so check back in the lead-up to Act Three in August for more.

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