‘What are we talking about?’: NICKMERCS raises questions over Dr Disrespect accusations

NICKMERCS responded to allegations levelled at Dr Disrespect this weekend by suggesting there needs to be evidence before anyone acts. The off-the-cuff statement to his streaming fans on X (formerly Twitter) has since led to a two-day digital brawl between a former MrBeast team member and even MrBeast himself.

Twitch and KICK streamer NICKMERCS recently addressed Dr Disrespect’s situation in a video posted on X, expressing surprise at the accusations. He emphasized the gravity of the claims, insisting without concrete evidence and confirmation no one should be making any assumptions yet before adding, “What are we talking about?”

This all stems from recent accusations against Dr Disrespect for texting a minor. Doc’s mysterious ban from Twitch has been kept under wraps for four years until an ex-Twitch employee alleged an unnamed streamer had received a ban from the streaming platform for texting a minor and promising to meet her at TwitchCon.

No streamer was named but several X users, journalists, and content creators—including Jake Lucky—started making a connection to Dr Disrespect, suggesting he was the culprit as he was the streamer who had received a permanent ban on Twitch.

Dr Disrespect talking about Starfield on stream.
Dr Disrespect made several comments on the situation over the weekend. Screenshot via Dr Disrespect

Yet, the spark that went on to ignite a further social media brawl today wasn’t actually NICKMERCS’ commentary on Dr Disrespect, but a remark at the beginning of his June 22 clip. This caught the attention of Ava Kris Tyson, a former associate of MrBeast, prompting her to post the clip with the caption,” Me every time I post on Twitter/pos” .Nick can be heard saying, “My mentions are he, they, she, he, they.”

The situation escalated quickly when the streamer responded to Tyson’s X post with a sharp rebuke: “You should be ashamed of yourself. Leaving behind your wife and child, to play pretend. One day you’ll wake up, and realize what you’ve done.”

Tyson retaliated by accusing NICKMERCS of meddling in matters beyond his understanding. She then asserted that the streamer and his companions—seemingly including Dr Disrespect in her comments—should prioritize “more important discussions” instead of “making up false claims about me, girly pop!”

This interaction gained further buzz when MrBeast responded to the thread, seemingly looking to calm tensions with a supportive statement defending Tyson’s character. “Ava is literally always with her kid and doesn’t even go on shoots to spend more time with him. Tuck man is always smiling; not sure why this rumor is a thing,” he wrote.

Mr Beast's reply to the Dramaalert for the NICKMERCS" situation.
Jimmy was just trying to cool things down. Screenshot by Dot Esports via MrBeast

This apparently did little to defuse the situation, however, with Rumble streamer Sneako responding directly to MrBeast to criticize his stance on the issues NICKMERCS had mentioned in his original clip. He suggested MrBeast is “one of the most influential people in the world” and therefore believes the major YouTuber should “stop pretending like this perversion is normal” so he can save children’s lives.

The exchanges continues to ripple across social media. NICKMERCS and MrBeast yet to respond further, while Tyson has been replying to further posts today.

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