How to get Arc of Destiny fast in Tarisland

Arc of Destiny is one of the many rare consumables in Tarisland. This one is used to exchange for other mounts and appearances, like cosmetics, in the Reward of Destiny Redeem section.

As it’s a fairly valuable Tarisland consumable, getting it can be challenging (and expensive), especially if you want to amass a significant quantity quickly.

How to get Arc of Destiny fast in Tarisland

The only way to get Arc of Destiny in Tarisland is by drawing duplicate items through the Reward of Destiny: Pray gacha system.

When a duplicate item is drawn in the Reward of Destiny: Pray system, it will be converted into several Arc of Destiny, and different duplicate appearances will be converted into various amounts of Arc of Destiny.

To farm for Arc of Destiny, you have to Pray in the Reward of Destiny until you draw a significant amount of duplicate mounts and appearances, which will convert into Arc of Destiny.

This is quite costly because you need the the Stone of Prayer consumable to Pray in the Reward of Destiny. You must purchase the Silver Coin Supply Chest from the Shop for 90 Achromatic Crystals just to get one Stone of Prayer. For a 10-pull (meaning using 10 Stones of Prayer), you must buy 10 Silver Coin Supply Chests for 900 Achromatic Crystals.

Now, you can get these Achromatic Crystals by trading gold coins for them in the Crystal Consignment, or you can use real-world money to buy Crystals, which will be used to make up the difference when making the purchase. However, Crystals are costly. To get 900 Crystals, you’re going to need to purchase the 1,500 Crystal pack at $39.99 AUD or instead pick up two 600 Crystal packs at $14.99 a piece.

If you don’t get any duplicates when you Pray, you won’t get any Arc of Destiny. You’ll need to Pray more and hope for duplicates if you want to exchange the Arc of Destiny for appearances and mounts in the Reward of Destiny: Redeem section.

Whether the mounts and appearances are worth this expensive endeavor is up to you. For now, though, the only way to earn Arc of Destiny fast is to spend money, continuously Pray at the Reward of Destiny, and hope for duplicates.

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