Iso and KAY/O’s weirdest VALORANT ultimate combo gets them both killed

Iso is having a huge moment in VALORANT, going from zero to hero after several major buffs in Patch 8.11. With more players picking the duelist now, we’re encountering weird interactions between his ultimate and other agents—including KAY/O.

VALORANT’s recent update, Patch 8.11, only made changes to one of Iso’s abilities, but that was enough to ruin the game and call for immediate nerfs in the upcoming Patch 9.0. Until those nerfs, however, Iso continues to make appearances in way more games than before. This rise in usage for the duelist has given us more opportunities to discover weird interactions his abilities might have with other agents. For example, players previously found Clove can be teleported across the map if they use their ult within Iso’s ult. 

Iso and KAY/O ultimate interaction in VALORANT.
An awkward moment before death for both agents. Screenshot via pigster007 on Reddit

And, in a June 23 Reddit post, we’ve found another weird ult interaction, this time popping up between Iso and KAY/O. In the clip, KAY/O used his NULL/cmd ultimate just as Iso used his Kill Contract ultimate on him to bring them both into a separate dimension for a one-on-one duel. Iso ended up winning the duel, but that didn’t bring him out of that dimension like it usually does. Instead, he was stuck there with KAY/O’s fallen body, since NULL/cmd gives KAY/O time to be resurrected by one of his allies.

Of course, there was no ally around to save KAY/O, but this actually put Iso in a sticky situation. Despite winning the duel, Iso wouldn’t be able to leave his own ultimate and rejoin his team on the map until he killed KAY/O for good. That means either shooting him until he runs out of health or waiting until the robot’s timer runs out. The problem was Iso was also on a timer—if neither of the agents in Iso’s ult fully die before the timer runs out, they both die.

In the end, both Iso and KAY/O ended up dying in this clip. To be fair, this Iso did troll a bit when he stopped shooting KAY/O’s body, but it does take some time to destroy the robot’s 850 HP when he’s downed. Perhaps this Iso player wasn’t aware they would also die since they had technically won the initial duel. Now that we know how it works, Iso mains can be prepared to shoot down KAY/O’s body if they happen to catch him in his ult.

A Riot Games developers actually responded in the thread, admitting they didn’t know if this VALORANT interaction was intended or not. They ended up reporting the incident anyway, so this could change at some point in the future.

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