How to get Rage of Harrogath in Diablo 4

Rage of Harrogath is a vital chest armor piece for Barbarians in Diablo 4, specifically for the builds with a heavy focus on non-ultimate abilities and inflicting Bleeding.

While acquiring the unique chest armor piece can be challenging, there are several methods you can try to get this armor piece. These methods, when farmed, can significantly increase your chances of getting the Rage of Harrogath.

How to get Rage of Harrogath in Diablo 4

Lord Zir floating above a knight in Diablo 4 Season 2
Kill the vampire. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Blizzard Entertainment

There are three methods you can try to get the Rage of Harrogath in Diablo 4:

  • Potential drop from Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint: Tier Three and Tier Four.
  • Potential drop from Lord Zir: Tier Three and Tier Four.
  • Slight drop from World Bosses, Nightmare Dungeons, Gathering Legions, or Chests: World Tier Three and World Tier Four.

Although you have a slight chance of getting the Rgae of Harrogath by farming content in World Tier Three and Four, the best way to get this unique piece is to defeat Lord Zir or Girgoire. This is because the Rage of Harrogath is one of the unique items that have a chance of dropping for Barbarians. So, while you mightn’t get the Rage of Harrogath on your first try, keep farming these bosses and you’ll eventually get the piece.

Rage of Harrogath affixes and effect

Man and woman barbarians in Diablo 4 wearing blue body paint.
A must-have chest piece for Bleed-inflicting Barbarians. Images via Blizzard Entertainment

The Rage of Harrogath chest piece has incredible affixes, but more importantly the effect is vital for Barbarians. These are all the affixes and the effect you can get by equipping the Rage of Harrogath:

  • Effect: Lucky Hit: Up to 20 to 40 percent chance to reduce the cooldowns of your non-ultimate skills by 1.5 seconds when you inflict Bleed on Elites.
  • Affix One: Increased physical damage.
  • Affix Two: Increased critical strike chance with physical damage against elites.
  • Affix Three: Increased damage reduction from bleeding enemies.
  • Affix Four: Increased Thorns.

So, if your Barbarian build focuses on non-ultimates and inflicting Bleed, the Rage of Harrogath is the unique chest piece you want to get in Diablo 4.

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