How to get a Fishing Rod in Tarisland – How to fish

If you’re looking to take a break from the action and overarching story of Tarisland, you can visit the many shores of Ancash Canyon, grab yourself a fishing rod, and learn how to fish.

There are plenty of different quests to complete in Tarisland, but many actions will require Vigor and other resources to complete. Instead, you can try out fishing, since it doesn’t require any Vigor and only needs different types of bait to catch different fish. It will, however, take a bit more time to unlock as you go through the story.

Here is how to get a Fishing Rod and catch some fish in Tarisland.

How to unlock the Fishing Rod in Tarisland

Tarisland's Black Gun
A simple fisherman’s life. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To unlock a Fishing Rod in Tarisland, players must push through more of the story quests until they’re prompted to speak with the fisherman Black Gun at Silverlit. When spoken to, Black Gun will hand over a basic Fishing Rod and basic bait before giving you more instructions to use for your first catch.

How to fish in Tarisland

A character fishing in Tarisland
Fish on! Image via Proxima Beta

To fish in Tarisland, head to any eligible bodies of watersuch as the dock on Ancash Canyon—and prepare your newly acquired Fishing Rod by placing it in your hotbar from your inventory.

Once you use the Fishing Rod near eligible water, you’ll be prompted to drop the fishing hook into the water and choose one of the bait types in your inventory. You’ll have to wait a few moments before a fish pulls on the line, where you’ll have to rapidly click the Pull button at the bottom of the screen until you’ve caught whatever is on the end of the line.

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