How to level up fast in Tarisland

Leveling up as swiftly as possible is essential in Tarisland if you want to enhance your character’s potential. It can be tricky to do though, especially when you don’t know the best ways to level up fast.

Whether you’re hoping to reach the level cap, working to become more powerful, trying to prepare for PvP battles, or just aiming for general progression, knowing how to level up is a must. Here’s how to level up fast in Tarisland.

Best ways to level up in Tarisland

Using magic in Tarisland.
You’re about to become a lot more powerful. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Leveling up quickly in Tarisland is pretty tough, so here are the four best ways you can level up fast. If you want to level up as quickly and efficiently as possible, it’s best to work through all methods frequently so you can claim experience in multiple ways.

Completing quests

The best way to level up quickly and unlock access to key gameplay features like codes and the battle pass is simply working through all the quests you can get. This includes both main story quests and side quests.

In addition to bigger main storyline quests and side quests, make sure to work on daily quests as well. They’re not the most effective way to level up, but regularly completing daily tasks in addition to all other quests helps get you there a lot quicker as long as you keep at them.

Conquering dungeons

Your next best bet for quickly accumulating experience is to tackle dungeons. As you level up, you’ll unlock more of them plus the ability to work through them with other players, so you can regularly use these trials as a way to level up.

Dungeons don’t provide a ton of experience, but when you combine conquering them with other methods, they’re still a good way to level up more quickly. All of the dungeons you can unlock and work through for experience are:

  • Dim Cavern (level seven)
  • Library of Chaos (level 13)
  • Camp Carlyan (level 17)
  • Merfolk Swamp (level 27)
  • Forest Altar (level 33)
  • Botanical Garden (level 37)
Leveling up after finishing a dungeon in Tarisland.
I’ve leveled up fairly often after finishing dungeons. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Defeating bosses

Another good way to level up quickly is fighting Raid Bosses, but you have to be fairly deep into the game before you can use this method. Raid Bosses don’t unlock until level 30, so this is more of a late-game method for leveling up.

There are many unique Raid Bosses you can battle like Ancient Tree and Synthesis Doctor which means it’s pretty easy to mix things up with this method. Every battle you beat grants a decent amount of experience plus various gear and materials, so vanquishing Raid Bosses is quite useful for a few different reasons.

Logging on daily

Since there’s a level cap restricting how much you can progress each day, logging on to play Tarisland daily is a simple but effective way to level up quickly. Once you accumulate as much experience as you can earn for the day, avoid completing any other experience-granting activities so you don’t waste any.

Any of the previously mentioned methods for leveling up should be avoided as soon as you hit the experience cap. Look for tasks that don’t grant experience if you want to keep playing after you reach this limit or log off for the day to play it safe if you’re worried about obtaining experience you can’t actually keep.

Four characters preparing for battle in Tarisland.
The more you play, the more you earn. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Beyond these four methods, gaining experience so you can level up fast is pretty tough. There are lots of other ways you might expect to be good for farming experience, like fighting enemies around the world, but any other methods beyond these ones grant fairly minimal experience. It’s always a good idea to mix in other activities alongside these ones since every little bit counts, but these four methods are your best bet for quickly leveling up overall.

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