How to get Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand

The Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand is a crucial evolution item used to enhance the base stats of your powerful units.

Unlike some evolution materials like the Cursed Fingers in Roblox‘s Anime Last Stand, it cannot be crafted by using shards and gold. Instead, there is only one way to get your hands on the item to evolve your mythic tier unit Hero Hunter (Garou) to Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty), following the lore of the One Punch Man anime.

Here is everything you need to know about the Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand.

Where to get Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand

In-game picture of the Hero Association  map acts where players can earn the Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand.
Back to Hero Association where it all started. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can only find Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand‘s story mode as a reward for finishing all the waves of Act Six of the Hero Association map. However, it is not a guaranteed drop as there is only a two percent chance of it dropping. So we’d recommend you to keep trying your hand at the mode by using legendary or high-tier units to clear waves easily and reap the gems at the end of the event.

You can clear the waves at two difficulties: Normal and Nightmare. In the Nightmare mode, you get significantly harder enemies, which fetches you higher quality rewards, but Nightmare mode doesn’t increase the odds of getting the Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand. However, if you want to farm and want the best return on your investment, then the Nightmare mode is definitely worth your time.

Once you do get your hands on one Stained Bandage, you can combine it with 25 common spirit shards, eight rare spirit shards, three epic spirit shards, and three legendary spirit shards to evolve your Hero Hunter (Garou) and take on harder foes in the game.

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