How Magic: The Gathering Arena Direct works

Physical rewards are returning to Magic: The Gathering’s digital client through Arena Direct, a paid entry tournament format offering Playbooster boxes as a grand prize.

What is MTG Arena Direct?

Arena Direct is a paid entry tournament where physical cards can be earned as a grand prize reward. The MTG Arena digital client has experimented with physical rewards before, from cash through Arena Open tournaments to a Festival in a Box Convention Edtion through Chaos Draft. Much like the Chaos Draft tournaments, Arena Direct will reward players with a physical box of Playbooster cards for six wins.

How to play MTG Arena Direct and win rewards

Bird wizard flying over pond in MH3
Compete to win free MTG cards. Image via WotC

To play and receive rewards from Arena Direct, all MTG players will have to follow a few steps first. Physical rewards like a Playbooster box may take up to three weeks to ship, according to WotC.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Complete and set up an i-Payout eWallet account.
  • Pay the entry fee of 5,000 gems to compete.

Rewards from Arena Direct vary depending on the number of wins.

  • Zero to three wins: No rewards
  • Four wins: 2,000 gems
  • Five wins: 5,000 gems
  • Six wins: Playbooster box

If WotC is unable to ship a Playbooster box, you may choose to receive $250 instead. The first Arena Direct events will showcase the Limited MH3 Sealed format. The grand prize reward is a Modern Horizons 3 Playbooser box.

When is the next MTG Arena Direct tournament?

WotC will kick off the Arena Direct tournaments by featuring two Modern Horizons 3 Sealed Limited events. The first will run from June 28 to 30, and the second will take place from July 12 to 14.

  • MH3 Sealed Arena Direct event No. 1: Best-of-one format running from June 28 to 30
  • MH3 Sealed Arena Direct event No. 2: Best-of-one format running from July 12 to 14

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