Dr Disrespect says he’s ‘burnt out’ from streaming moments before being fired from his own game studio

What may have been Dr Disrespect’s final livestream today ended on quite a sour note in what appears to be his reaction to being terminated from his game studio, Midnight Society, in real time.

Midnight Society, a studio that Dr Disrespect co-founded, is working on a game called Deadrop. The studio will do so now without the streamer in tow as it has terminated its relationship with him effective immediately after recent allegations come to light.

Dr Disrespect laughing on stream.
It appears he will be taking an indefinite break. Image via Dr Disrespect

“I am serious when I say I’m feeling a little fatigued,” he said. “I’m actually tired of being on social media. I’ve expressed that over the years, champs. I just, you know, I’ve always kinda hinted, like, ‘it’d be nice to get off and completely separate,’ right? Go live in Costa Rica, or something. But I’m just feeling burnt out, I think.”

At about 3:11:50 in today’s livestream, moments after screaming in victory after beating a boss in Elden Ring, the content creator looked down at something for over 20 seconds and then seemed visibly shaken. He looked at it a few more times while aimlessly running around in the game before taking a few heavy, deep breaths.

At that point, Doc thanked some new subscribers and a chatter asked him how he was feeling. And that’s when the stream took a sudden turn and the broadcaster began talking about how he’s feeling “fatigued” and “burnt out.”

Doc posted that he was going live on YouTube at 11:09am CT, and the stream VOD is just over three hours and 22 minutes long. Midnight Society posted that it was cutting ties with him at 3:45pm CT. In short, it appears that Doc found out the news of his departure while streaming and then spoke about the fatigue.

Earlier in the day, Doc said he didn’t “give a fuck about that guy” who claimed last week that he was banned from Twitch for getting “caught sexting a minor” on the site’s now-defunct Whispers feature.

“Maybe it’s time to start something new, something different,” he said. “Challenge those creative senses, a desire to explore different realms, if you will. But I think first and foremost, though, I did have a planned vacation coming up, and I think I may just extend that, starting now.”

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