Best Rebel Cookie toppings build guide in Cookie Run Kingdom

In Cookie Run Kingdom, damaging and defeating enemies is the name of the game. That is why using Cookies that deal striking attacks is the default strategy in combat missions and in the Arena, which includes Rebel Cookie.

Rebel Cookie is one-of-a-kind, with an unusual role for his best position. His looks are also different from the usual aesthetics of Cookies in the game. But when it comes to his prowess in fights, you can always rely on him, especially to what he can do as someone who can tank for his teammates while also dealing huge damage to enemies.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rebel Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, including the best toppings that you can use.

Best Rebel Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

To maximize Rebel Cookie’s recommended Front position, you can use five Solid Almond toppings for him. But when you opt to use him as a damaging Front Cookie, the best toppings that you can build are five Swift Chocolate toppings.

Rebel Cookie toppings
The best offense comes from the best defense. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Rebel Cookie’s ability is called Here, There, Everywhere. When he uses this, Rebel Cookie deals damage and decreases enemies’ defense, making them more vulnerable to all types of damage. As for his teammates, Rebel Cookie increases their critical strike chance and grants a shield for them. He then creates two decoys that can push enemies back, dealing more damage depending on the number of hits that he can stack. The ability makes him a formidable Cookie to deal with.

The five Solid Almond toppings is the best option for Rebel Cookie if you use another damage-dealing Front Cookie in your team. As for the five Swift Chocolate toppings build, you can choose to use these if you use another Front Cookie which focuses on sustaining the damage for your team.

Who is Rebel Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Rebel Cookie is the only Ambush-type Cookie who is best positioned in the Front so far. He was released during the Dawn of the Dragon update in 2024 as an Epic-rare Cookie. He uses magic as the main power source of his ability, and is known to be a Robin Hood-esque character who steals Jellies and distributes those to all the villagers.

Rebel Cookie
Are you ready to strike? Screenshot via Dot Esports

In terms of his looks, Rebel Cookie resembles a gingerbread man who is also a ninja warrior figure. He wears a brown hat, his outfit is more of a kimono-type garment, and he uses a wooden stick as his main weapon.

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