How to get the Carian Sorcery Sword in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

FromSoftware games usually have one or two melee weapons you can also use to cast spells, and Elden Ring finally gets its own with Shadow of the Erdtree’s Carian Sorcery Sword. This Thrusting Sword casts Sorceries as its heavy attack, making it an interesting choice for melee-caster hybrids.

Carian Sorcery Sword location in Elden Ring DLC

Castle Ensis map location in Elden Ring DLC
Drop down into Castle Ensis from Scadu Altus. Screenshot/Remix by Dot Esports

In Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, you get the Carian Sorcery Sword from a chest on the upper level of Castle Ensis. You can only reach it from Scadu Altus after clearing Castle Ensis and beating Rellana, Twin Moon Knight.

From the Highroad Cross Site of Grace, head left and down the hill until you reach a cliff edge overlooking Castle Ensis. There’s an area by a waterfall where you can safely jump down to the upper ramparts of Castle Ensis. There aren’t any enemies on the Castle Ensis rooftop, so it’s perfectly safe.

Carian Sorcery Sword chest in Elden Ring DLC
The Carian Sorcery Sword is in a chest on the upper ramparts. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Toward the right-hand side of the ramparts, under a makeshift tent, there’s a chest containing the Carian Sorcery Sword.

It’s outclassed in terms of pure damage by other magic-infused rapiers and glintstone staffs, but it’s nice to be able to cast spells without switching weapons. Try it out with our best battle mage build or best spellblade build in Elden Ring.

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