How to make Mega Charizard Z in Infinite Craft

In the wake of the recent Pokémon Legends: Z-A announcement, fans have immediately begun speculating on the potential Mega evolutions it may contain. Mega Charizard Z, of course, has cropped up as the most prominent, so here’s how to create the Pokémon in Infinity Craft.

Mega Charizard Z in Infinite Craft

It is a long road to the ultimate fire dragon, and you’ll need to craft more than a few things to build up to it. To make Mega Charizard Z in Infinite Craft, you’ll have to first create Japan, which is a simple process, and then move on to creating the Amazon Kindle and iPad, which come from funny and honestly strange combinations. Lastly, you’ll need to create the Pokémon franchise in Infinite Craft, which is when everything comes together and allows you to produce the ultimate form of this winged fire-type Pokemon. Just don’t lose yourself in all the Infinite Craft recipes, which can be pretty easy.

First, make Japan

How to make Japan in Infinite Craft.
There’s no Pokémon without the island nation of Japan. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Then, we need Kindle

How to make Amazon Kindle in Infinite Craft.
It’s a bit of a process and sort of strange, but the Kindle is a necessary step towards Pokemon. Screenshot by Dot Esports

And finally, here’s how to make Mega Charizard Z in Infinite Craft

How to make Mega Charizard Z in Infinite Craft.
Though a bit complicated, as is most stuff in Infinite Craft, Mega Charizard Z appears! Screenshot by Dot Esports

Is Mega Charizard Z in Pokemon Legends: Z-A?

Mega Charizard Z, as things stand, is only a hypothetical Mega evolution for the beloved dragon. Since the Pokemon received two mega evolutions in Pokemon X and Y in 2013, fans have begun speculating that something similar may return in the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Z-A. It’s not an official Pokemon yet, but with the return of Mega evolutions, it may become a reality and is certainly one fans are eagerly hoping for.

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