How to mute players in Tarisland

As a new MMO with thousands of players jumping in, Tarisland will have a collection of different people to meet and interact with on a daily basis. But there will always be some players you don’t want to hear from anymore, prompting you to mute them.

Communication is pretty important in a game like Tarisland, especially if you’re setting up an upcoming dungeon or a boss fight that will require you to coordinate players and different classes. There are, however, some instances where someone’s communication can be a bit annoying to deal with, especially if you’re being badgered by another player.

Here is how to mute all communication from a player in Tarisland.

Muting communication in Tarisland, explained

The block option in Tarisland
Quick and easy. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Although there isn’t a direct mute option for other users in Tarisland, there’s an alternate option. Click the user or find their name in the Social menu. This should open up a small menu in the middle of the screen with several different options, including sending a message, adding them as a friend, or inviting them to a team.

There is a block option you can use to completely cut off any forms of communication from that specific player. They’ll no longer be able to send you a message, add you as a friend, invite you to a team, or track you while in the game. This is a drastic measure, but if you feel threatened or don’t wish to communicate with someone, this is your best and only option right now.

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