Warzone Season 4 Reloaded early patch notes: New shotgun, Runaway Train, and more

A new midseason update is arriving in Call of Duty: Warzone, which means it’s time to drop in to Urzikstan, Rebirth Island, or any other map within the BR game.

Season Four Reloaded adds a new weapon and some more interesting tidbits for Warzone, including a special new final end circle that will remind players of some high-octane moments from action movies in the past.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded patch notes

Warzone operators take aim at enemies afar
It’s hot outside, but the BR loot is hotter. Image via Activision

Read on below for the new content coming to Warzone in Season Four Reloaded for MW3.

Weapon balancing

Soap and 3 friends fight in Warzone
The meta is likely changing again. Image via Activision

Will the Kar98k and Superi 46 continue to dominate the meta? As is the case with all big updates in CoD, Season Four Reloaded’s patch contains a slew of weapon balancing to nerf some OP guns and buff some that need the love.

Check back here on June 26 when the update is live to see the full patch notes.

New shotgun

Reclaimer 18 shotgun in MW3 and Warzone
Come here and see my boomstick. Image via Activision

The Reclaimer 18 shotgun is available as part of a special declassified sector of the battle pass. Once its challenges are completed, you can unlock the new weapon, which is a new version of the SPAS-12 from previous CoD games.

There’s also a Sledgehammer melee weapon, but the Reclaimer 18 is one you want to unlock in case it becomes the new close-range meta.

Runaway Train public event

Warzone operators dropping in to the map
I wanna run away, and never say goodbye. Image via Activision

At the end of every Urzikstan game, there’s a “small chance” that the endgame will take place on a runaway train in this new public event. By the time the sixth gas circle arrives, you’ll know if it’s coming so you have time to hop on.

“Prepare for a wild ride; operators with memories of ‘Slay Ride Resurgence’ know what to expect,” Activision said. “Seek immediate refuge close to the train, which cannot be controlled! Fortunately, the circle of gas (the safe zone) remains over the moving train until the end of the match, forcing squads to battle on or around the careening carriages, though the train itself slows down enough to provide access, as well as unique takedown opportunities.”

Special ground loot ‘Redacted’ weapons

"Redacted" weapons with 10 attachments in Warzone season 4 reloaded MW3
You might wanna pick these up. Image via Activision

Special “Redacted” weapons can now be found in certain areas around the map, either in Loot Hot Zones or many of Urzikstan’s bunkers. These special weapons can be found with a whopping 10 attachments on them, so they’ll most likely be very powerful.

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