How to take pictures in Once Human

If you want to capture the post-apocalyptic scenes in Once Human’s open world, you must use the game’s Photo Mode to save your pictures in your gallery.

There are multiple vicious Deviants in Once Human who make compelling subjects for photography. You can also make a picture diary out of your memories in the game. While the game doesn’t tell you how to take pictures, it’s a handy trick to capture and share your favorite moments with your friends.

Here is everything you need to know about Once Human‘s Photo mode.

How to take pictures using the Photo Mode in Once Human

To take a picture in Once Human, you have to press and hold Tab and click on the camera option. It gets unlocked in the game’s intro mission itself, and everybody can use it quite early in the game.

Unlike other titles, Once Human‘s Photo mode has multiple features that can customize your experience. You can take pictures in the first-person view, or include your character to give your frames a more humane touch. Moreover, you have precise control over the time and weather conditions of a particular frame while taking a shot, and you can change it to suit your preferences to add nuance to your pictures.

The game’s photo mode also has textures and frames that add various cinematic effects to your pictures, making them quite distinct from each other. You can also use the depth of field feature along with advanced photography concepts like contrast and exposure to simulate the perfect lighting for your pictures.

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