Once Human Welcome Back – How to secure Festering Gel

As you make your way through Once Human, you’ll be tasked with completing several tasks and challenges throughout the main story. For the Welcome Back quest, one of the tasks has you securing the Festering Gel you earned from defeating the Ravenous Hunter.

It’s a concept you may remember from the beginning of your journey in Once Human. But you may have forgotten about it as you’ve been smashing your way through the game, fighting endless hordes of supernatural creatures and slowly taking back the world. Thankfully for gamers, securing the Festering Gel is straightforward and should be relatively simple for you to complete.

How to secure Festering Gel in Once Human

How to secure Festering Gel in Once Human
You need to keep the Festering Gel inside your base. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The way you secure a Festering Gel is by placing it inside an Isolated Securement Unit. You need to have one at the center of your base, where you keep the Butterfly’s Emissary you receive at the beginning of the game. You and your friends will easily secure the Festering Gel if you work together to capture it.

You can swap out your Butterfly for the Festering Gel or create a new Isolated Securement Unit to house both. Having more than one of these units is a good idea as you gradually unlock additional Deviations while playing Once Human, giving yourself access to more powers and helpful combat buffs.

If you want to craft a new Isolated Securement Unit, you need to gather up these resources and bring them back to your base to make one.

  • 20 Metal Scraps
  • 15 Copper Ingots
  • 10 Glass

While you can obtain the metal scraps by exploring multiple locations throughout Once Human, the copper ingots and glass are crafted at your base using your furnace. After you have all the items you need, open up the build menu and go to the facilities tab, where you can find the Isolated Securement Unit underneath the function facility tab. You can now place it anywhere within your territory and trap the Festering Gel, using it at any point in your future Once Human playthrough. Keep this method in mind if you start over and delete a character.

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