PlayStation Stars shows PS5 label on Bloodborne, cueing pandemonium

Every time Bloodborne is mentioned a fan somewhere goes wild, especially if the mention gives hope for a remaster or remake. Now, Bloodborne has been listed on PlayStation Stars as a PS5 title, causing the game’s ever-loyal fandom to once again start huffing the hopium.

Screenshots of Bloodborne‘s PS5 label on the PlayStation Stars program, Sony’s digital rewards system, have begun circulating today. There is nothing there to indicate that Bloodborne has been updated or will be updated for the PS5, though it was enough for fans to start speculating, hoping Sony is hiding something and waiting to show it to the world.

In case you haven’t followed the Bloodborne situation much, it’s among the few first-party PS4 exclusives that haven’t received a PS5 refurbish to bring the game up to speed with Sony’s latest technology, so any mention of it gives fans hope the Japanese publisher still has Bloodborne on its mind.

Players discussed the matter at length in a July 10 Reddit thread, using the screenshots as their “daily Bloodborne copium.” However, even though some fans are grasping at straws and anything related to a possible Bloodborne update, remaster, or PC port, others remain skeptical and believe it is a mere visual bug in the PlayStation Stars display. One player did note that, even if it was a mistake, it’s a good way of “keeping [players] rabid for the franchise.”

Bloodborne connoisseurs have been praying for Sony to release an updated version of the game ever since the PlayStation 5 launched nearly four years ago in late 2020. FromSoftware’s masterpiece itself was released over nine years ago in 2015, and has got zero attention from its publisher in the time since, save for routine server maintenance.

Every time anything related to Bloodborne is even remotely hinted at, fans’ hearts are stirred, and the hopium disperses through the air. So much so, in fact, that fans have taken it upon themselves to port the game to PC through PS4 emulation, despite the technical difficulties, advancing at incredible speed (driven by Bloodborne itself, no doubt).

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