How to unlock new Wallpaper Prints in Once Human

When building a base in your Territory in Once Human, you might want to change the look of your boring wooden walls to something more stylish—where the Prints submenu and Wallpapers come into play.

During the beta, the game allowed players to use most cosmetic items from the get-go, but with the official release, something devious is stopping you from creating the base of your dreams.

How to unlock Wallpaper in Once Human

wallpaper prints xcreen in once human
Looking a little locked. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Wallpapers are currently locked in Once Human behind a paywall, so if you want any of them, you must pay for expensive bundles in the store to unlock a fraction of those available.

Most Wallpapers are available by pressing the ESC key and clicking the Shop option in the main menu. In the Territory shop option, there’s a selection of bundles that include Wallpapers when purchased, but they are very costly. To get a Wallpaper, you need to buy the bundle, with some of the cheapest going for around $20.

item purchase wallpaper screen in once human
Get those bundles. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Some players have discussed on social media that Wallpapers might be available to purchase from in-game NPC vendors. In about two hours of traveling, I have not encountered a single vendor selling any Territory cosmetic items like Wallpaper, so I cannot confirm if this info is correct. But I will update the article if I come across one.

Some Wallpapers are available in the build menu that doesn’t appear in the Shop or anywhere else, so it could be that the themes haven’t been added yet to the Print section or the items will come in a future update.

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