What is a Value booster pack in MTG?

Wizards of the Coast has again dropped another type of Magic: The Gathering booster pack called a Value booster. The announcement quietly dropped during Bloomburrow Spoilers, and details on who the packs are for remain somewhat of a mystery.

Here’s everything we know about the MTG Value booster pack showing up in Bloomburrow so far.

MTG Bloomburrow Value booster pack explained

A value booster pack in MTG is a smaller version of Playbooster packs, designed to be “a budget-friendly way to experience Bloomburrow, according to Adam Styborski of WotC.

Images of new MTG Value booster packs
Good value. Image via WotC

Unlike Playbooster packs designed for playing Limited Draft and Sealed events or a Collector booster that contains potentially high-cost chase cards—The Value booster pack is “for any fan,” according to WotC.

Some in the MTG community, including myself, think the Value boosters are geared more toward kids wanting to crack packs. The Value packs are showing up at “select retailers,” which means most local game stores won’t have them for sale. Kids are the likely target at stores like Walmart or Target, with parents buying a budget-friendly version rather than the $5-plus for a Playbooster pack.

Prices of the MTG Bloomburrow Value packs have not been revealed at the time of writing.

What is in a MTG Value booster pack?

A Playbooster pack contains 14 slots, and a Collector booster has 15 slots. The Value booster pack for Bloomburrow will only have seven slots.

  • Three Common rarity cards
  • Two Uncommon rarity cards
  • One Wildcard of any rarity
  • One Land, or Traditional foil, or Special Guest card

No Rare or Mythic Rare cards are guaranteed in a Value booster pack, but there’s a chance you can pull up to two.

Is the MTG Value booster pack worth buying?

As an adult who collects and builds Constructed decks to play at a local game store, the Bloomburrow Value pack is not worth spending money on. But I don’t think the packs were designed for players like me.

If I’m at a large retail store with my grandkids, and they want card packs to crack in the car, get drool on them, and bend the cards in their pockets—then yes, the MTG Value booster packs are worth buying.

The first-ever MTG Bloomburrow Value booster packs will be available at select retail stores when the Standard-legal set globally launches on Aug. 2.

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