Who is Emio? Nintendo teaser points to cryptic new horror game

Nintendo, seemingly out of nowhere, just dropped a brand new trailer for what appears to be an analog horror game—and it’s creeping us all out.

The trailer, simply titled Emio, suddenly appeared on YouTube and social media without warning. It’s a short 15-second teaser showing a man wearing a strange-looking paper bag mask that flashes on the screen for several seconds, before the video ends with a question: “Who is Emio?”

Considering Nintendo’s family-friendly image, the surprising appearance of a creepy trailer like this is stirring up the community. Most commenters are either freaked out, making fun of the video, or wistfully hoping for a return of an iconic horror series like Fatal Frame.

Equally, there’s no telling if this is even a Nintendo-made or published game—only that Nintendo is having fun with the new reveal. The 15-second trailer doesn’t tell us anything about the game—its title, gameplay, or anything at all. But we imagine more trailers will come in due course revealing more information about the project, whatever it might be. Until then, all we can do is speculate.

Fans won’t believe Nintendo is making an analog horror game until they see some gameplay footage, and honestly, I’m right there with them. Color me intrigued for now, as even I want to know who Emio is—and whether this is a brand-new IP or something more sinister.

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