Huge Marvel Rivals leak reveals abilities for almost every character

Almost every Marvel Rivals character ability has leaked ahead of launch.

Among the characters whose abilities leaked on X (formerly Twitter) is Hero Hulk, dominating with his brute strength and gamma-fueled skills. His iconic “Hulk Smash” transforms him into Monster Hulk. Hero Hulk can generate gamma shields, immobilize foes, leap into action, emit gamma bursts, and empower allies with “Gamma Boost.” But he’s not the only character fans are eager to play.

Hulk and Iron Man teaming up in Marvel Rivals.
Hero Hulk and Iron Man work together to power up a Gamma blast. Image via NetEase and Marvel

Iron Man has high-tech abilities for both offense and defense. Firing nano pulse cannons, he unleashes a devastating beam and wreaks havoc with “Invincible Pulse Cannon.” His “Hyper-Velocity” allows swift flight, “Armor Overdrive” enhances his attacks, and “Gamma Overdrive” boosts his allies’ powers.

Another character whose abilities have leaked brings magic to Marvel Rivals. The cunning God of Mischief brings his sorcery to the fray with “Mystical Missile,” which can either heal or damage others. “God of Mischief” lets Loki shapeshift and use other hero abilities, powered with “Doppelganger,” which confuses opponents, and “Backstab,” which deals extra damage, makes it a powerful ability to use. But Loki’s kit couldn’t be complete without a bit of “Deception,” which renders him invisible while abusing his true family lineage with “Laufeyson Reborn” and granting Loki resurrection powers.

Despite an official release date yet to be disclosed, Marvel fans will have the opportunity to experience the game firsthand in its alpha testing stage on May 10. While this information remains unconfirmed and potentially subject to changes, it offers a preview of the gameplay dynamics awaiting players.

As the anticipation for Marvel Rivals intensifies with each leaked detail, fans are eagerly awaiting the chance to step into the shoes of their favorite heroes and villains. With Hulk, Iron Man, Loki, and many others ready to unleash their powers, Marvel Rivals is shaping to be an epic assembly of iconic characters.

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