Hunting for Wuthering Waves chests has never been easier thanks to this unlimited-use unlockable

If you have been struggling with certain elements of your collection in Wuthering Waves, it might be due to how hidden some goodies—like chests—are. Thankfully, there is an item you can get fairly early on that will tell you exactly where to look—and better yet, it is reusable. 

You may have a few empty slots in your Utility menu as you progress through the early section of Wuthering Waves. But you can fill one of them with an item called the Lootmapper, which acts as a reconnaissance drone when activated—highlighting a portion of your map to show exactly where hidden chests are located. 

Lootmapper information and circles displayed in Wuthering Waves.
You won’t be missing much by not turning these on. Screenshot via Tetrachrome on Reddit

This is one of the most useful items you can unlock early on from the Pioneer Association since it is in the first tier of rewards as you grind up your Pioneer Level via exploration and other missions. This is something you will be doing a lot throughout your time with the game, as reaching milestones like Hardworking Pioneer II will net you even better rewards. 

The reason a Lootmapper is so useful is that you can use up to three of them at any given time to place golden circles on your map. Within each of those circles, every hidden Supply Chests and Tidal Heritage location will be revealed, making for an easy time collecting them as you run around. They even appear on your minimap, too, so you don’t need to keep flicking between menus. 

And, once you are done in those zones, you simply recall the Lootmapper and can immediately place it down again somewhere else with no cooldown. You do need to unlock a permit to use Lootmappers in specific areas, but you are automatically given one for Jinzhou and will likely have ways to earn others later. 

Your Lootmapper might have a limited range, but it should be invaluable as you grind out exploration quests and key resources such as Astrite, Shell Credits, and more. This is, unfortunately, limited to finding Supply Chests and Tidal Heritage within the limited range, which means you will need to use different items to help find the game’s many other collectibles and grind Union Levels.

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