‘I would uninstall’: VALORANT player shares ridiculous way to troll enemy KAY/O

Sometimes in VALORANT, you have to be creative or lucky to get yourself out of sticky situations, and one mindblowing clip has today shown how a Cypher player casually blinded the enemy without any flash.

One tricky thing about VALORANT is many abilities can backfire if you make a mistake, miscalculate, or aren’t familiar with the agent’s kit. A common mistake, for example, is blinding yourself or your teammate with your own flash on agents like Skye, Phoenix, and KAY/O. It takes practice to nail the timing and technique, but eventually, you should be able to flash comfortably to give your team the advantage. 

KAY/O's flash grenade bouncing off of Cypher in his cage in VALORANT.
When in doubt, deflect enemy abilities with your body. Screenshot via Holiday-Win9856 on Reddit

Even then, there will be unfortunate and infuriating moments when a player accidentally flashes themself and pays the ultimate price. That’s exactly what happened to one unlucky KAY/O player in a clip shared on a May 7 Reddit thread, but it wasn’t your typical blind-yourself moment. Rather, the KAY/O player threw their flash grenade into the enemy Cypher’s Cyber Cage, which should—in theory—pop in the cage and only blind the enemy inside. But unbeknownst to the KAY/O player, their flash grenade was thrown directly at the Cypher, deflecting off his body and flashing the victim waiting outside the cage: KAY/O. Cypher used that opportunity to swing out of his cage and put the poor blinded robot out of his misery. That’s a perfect example of using your enemy’s own abilities against them.

As pointed out in the comments, the chances of this being executed perfectly are pretty slim, and the KAY/O player might not have even known what went wrong. Perhaps it’s better if they don’t know how unlucky they were, with VALORANT players saying they’d uninstall the game or even smash their keyboard if it happened to them. “At least your team has a [KAY/O] too. I hope the enemy lives in ignorant bliss, thinking that your [KAY/O] flashed him instead of his own flash bounce,” one commented.

At least now we’re all aware that this could happen to us the next time we throw a flash into a smoke or cage where an enemy could be hiding. Or better yet, we could be the one deflecting the flash like the Cypher. Then again, it’s a pretty rare occurrence, so don’t count on it.

If anything, players hope to see this clip eventually turned into an animated spray for a future battle pass. It wouldn’t be the first time a reward was inspired by a clip.

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