Stasis becomes ‘free-to-play’ as Destiny 2 gears up for The Final Shape release

Bungie is permanently unlocking the Stasis subclass and the Shadowkeep and Beyond Light campaigns for all players. The Destiny 2 devs are also giving away the Lightfall DLC for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The Shadowkeep and Beyond Light expansions (including the Stasis subclass) will remain permanently unlocked for all players, while The Witch Queen expansion will only be available until June 3, though players will keep all the rewards earned during this trial period. So, there’s no better time to try Destiny 2, as these three expansions feature unique storylines, some of the best campaigns from any expansion, and intense combat.

Destiny 2 stasis subclass
Stasis was released in the Beyond Light expansion. Image via Bungie

Although the Statis class presents many challenges, it can be fun to play. The biggest sticking point is that leveling the Statis abilities is problematic, and its power comes at a hefty cost. Because of this, many players hope that with Stasis being free to play, it will receive some much-needed “changes,” while others expressed their desires to see new “aspects and grenades.” However, only time will tell if this class will get the changes it needs to be viable again or if it will simmer on the back burner.

Besides the campaigns and the Stasis subclass news, Bungie revealed in their Weekly Destiny 2 article on May 9 that the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall, is free on PlayStation for those subscribed to PlayStation Plus until June 3. If you’ve wanted to try Destiny 2 but have been concerned about the learning curve or it not being too newbie-friendly, this is the expansion to try. It’s pretty straightforward, the gameplay and mechanics are easy to learn, and I found it a great starting point to dive back into Destiny 2 as a returning player who hasn’t played a Destiny expansion in many, many moons.

So, if you’re new to Destiny 2 or about to return for the new DLC, there’s a lot of free content for you to enjoy before The Final Shape drops in early June.

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