‘I’ll jump in the race’: Only one factor is stopping MrBeast from running for president

Popular YouTuber and entrepreneur MrBeast has expressed his interest in running for president of the U.S., but unfortunately, he’d need a change in the Constitution if he wanted to move into the White House this year.

MrBeast expressed his interest in jumping into this year’s presidential race in a June 6 tweet on X (formerly Twitter), but on the proviso the candidacy age is raised as currently he’d be ineligible to run. At 26 years old, he noted the current requirement of 35 in the United States, stating, “If we lower the age to run for president I’ll jump in the race.”

MrBeast’s post was followed by an outpouring of support from his fans, with many expressing enthusiasm for his potential candidacy. One supporter even pledged they would travel to the U.S. to vote for him despite their ineligibility, highlighting the emotional connection MrBeast has fostered with his audience.

This social media buzz coincided with MrBeast’s latest video where he showcased his philanthropic efforts by building over 100 houses in countries like El Salvador and Jamaica. The video quickly gained traction, accumulating over 75 million views and 250,000 likes, further underscoring his influential reach and impact.

While many of his fans viewed MrBeast’s presidential aspirations humorously, one posed asked whether he would still make YouTube videos if he took office. MrBeast responded sarcastically, saying, “I’d probably focus on running the largest economy on earth.”

Not everyone supported the YouTuber’s political ambitions. Some comments on the post expressed skepticism about his suitability for the role, with one user questioning whether a YouTuber has the know-how and experience to run a country, let alone the U.S. Despite the doubts, MrBeast remains committed to his philanthropic endeavors and maintaining his status as the world’s most popular YouTuber.

The future holds uncertainties regarding MrBeast’s enduring popularity over the next nine years, but his ambitions continue to focus on helping people and making a positive impact.

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