‘I’m worshiping her’: Thirsty Baldur’s Gate 3 players blown away by shelved Nightsong design

Baldur’s Gate 3 players have recently discovered a cut version of Nightsong who was supposed to be vastly different than the character in the live version of the game. And, aside from thinking about what could’ve been story-wise, they are obsessing over one thing—her godly looks.

In the alpha version of Baldur’s Gate 3 many things looked vastly different, including some of its crucial story-related NPCs. Aylin, or the Nightsong, had an entire alternate storyline which was eventually shelved in favor of what we see in the game today. Being part of an alternate Act Two story meant she also had drastically different features which were more in line with the whole “Aspect of Shar” theme Larian was going for. Naturally, having a well-sculpted body and very revealing clothes is enough to incite some players into obsessive behavior, such as those in the March 25 Reddit thread dedicated to discussing Nightsong’s cut version.

“She can erase my memory,” one excited player wrote. “She bad asf,” wrote another. The trend of thirsty comments continued and though they weren’t the ones garnering the most support (those being comments actually discussing the alternate storyline) they were quite the bunch. “Guess I’m worshipping [sic] her now,” one convert succinctly concluded the conversation. This alternate Nightsong model does indeed look pretty good, courtesy of Larian Studios’ incredible artists who have managed to create some of the best models ever featured in a video game.

Alpha Nightsong was supposed to be a cleric of Shar and probably a boss fight, which is likely where the tattoos and the armor come from. The original poster of the thread wondered if she was Shar herself, given how striking the armor features are. Nevertheless, Larian decided this was not the right path to take for Nightsong, thus leading to the armored light-bearing knightess that we know and love.

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