Warzone Mobile is getting review-bombed by angry Android players

We’re a week into Warzone Mobile and the early verdict from Android players is not great, with many taking to the Google Play store to review-bomb the handheld game.

Of the 300,000 reviews lodged on the Google Play Store only half of them are five stars, while just shy of that number chose to leave one-star reviews, and their concerns don’t paint a good picture of the Call of Duty mobile offering. Frequent crashing, overheating, and major framerate problems are just some of the complaints that Warzone Mobile gamers on Android have shared. The sad thing is that a majority of these reviews share the overall concept and idea are great, with just the performance letting everything else down.

Warzone Mobile action screenshot of a helicopter and ATV with an explosion.
It hasn’t been a smooth landing. Image via Activision

Interestingly, while there are fewer reviews on the Apple App Store, Warzone Mobile actually has a solid 4.4 rating there, with more than three-quarters of the reviews giving five stars. Of course, some of the same complaints do still appear in the one-star reviews.

One major reason for the problems that Android players are disproportionally having may be the variety of devices that use the ecosystem. This makes it more difficult for the game to be optimized for every device, while getting performance tuned for iOS would appear more consistent. In fact, some Android phones can’t even install the game as their components aren’t compatible.

Hopefully, with these players making their voices heard, future updates will roll out that can fix the problems To date, Warzone Mobile has been downloaded more than 10 million times so there’s a huge community eagerly awaiting the ability to play smoothly.

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