Indigo Park: Chapter 2 smashes Kickstarter goal following viral success

Indigo Park, the horror indie game that took YouTube by storm over the weekend, completed its funding goal for its next chapter in record time and shows no signs of stopping.

Indigo Park: Chapter 1 launched on Steam on May 18, letting players try the first chapter for free. The devs wanted to raise just over $50,000 on Kickstarter to create the second chapter. As of May 20, it has smashed that goal, and the total and the amount are only getting higher as the community rushes to finance their latest horror fix.

In Indigo Park, players explore an abandoned childhood amusement park where creatures and animatronics look to impede their quest. It’s created by YouTuber and Twitch Streamer UniqueGeese, who has taken heavy inspiration from other popular indie horror titles like Poppy’s Playtime and Five Nights at Freddy’s. They even copied Poppy’s Playtime’s marketing strategy of making the first chapter free to ramp up interest.

The Kickstarter has been so successful, exceeding what the team thought possible, that it’s actively considering some new stretch goals as an incentive to raise more capital for the game’s development. What these stretch goals are remains a mystery, but with over 27 days left to finance the game, the team is likely hard at work to capitalize on the success it’s seeing.

Those who want to support the devs for the second chapter can do so now and can even get a code for the future chapter’s release at a reduced price, including other goodies like the soundtrack, a digital artbook, and even appear in the game in some form in the future.

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