Is Once Human down? How to check server status

Once Human is a sci-fi MMO, and this means you need to be online to enjoy it—even if you want to ride solo. The survival title’s servers are very important, so let’s see the latest server status update.

Any game requiring a mandatory online connection is volatile and puts players at the mercy of the servers. Once Human falls into this bracket, meaning it doesn’t matter how stable your internet connection is. If developer Starry Studio loses control of the servers, you can’t play it.

Day one launches are traditionally a tumultuous time for new titles with online integration, and we have all the latest on Once Human‘s servers and if they are operational.

Are Once Human servers down?

A player walking in the environment in Once Human.
Having server issues? Image via Starry Studio

Right now, Once Human‘s servers are working perfectly, and until we hear anything different from Starry Studio or any of the company’s individuals, everything is working on the developer’s end.

If you are experiencing issues with Once Human, my main suggestion is to take a look at your internet configuration and see if anything needs tweaking on your end. By this, I mean, checking your internet speed, verifying the integrity of the connection, and possibly resetting your router to provide a fresh start.

Once Human‘s server status is likely to fluctuate as heavy player intake occurs and more people attempt to sign in, flooding the server’s max capacity. So do keep checking back to see if Once Human‘s servers go offline.

How to check Once Human server status

The easiest way to keep up with Once Human‘s server status—aside from checking in with us—is by observing the official Steam page, X feed, subreddit, and Discord. Additionally, keep an eye on the Once Human website for any signs of movement from Starry Games too.

From taking the servers offline for maintenance to deploying updates to adding new content and so forth, these sources will offer updates on everything important.

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