Newest CoD merch collab includes an actual, real-life Perk-a-Cola can for Zombies fans

If you’ve ever wondered what a Call of Duty Zombies Perk-a-Cola tastes like, you’re probably not alone.

Memorable zombie-slaying buffs like Juggernog Soda, Speed Cola, and Double Tap Root Beer are synonymous with the fun to be had inside of the co-op mode found in games like Modern Warfare 3 and the Black Ops franchise. And now, you can own a can of your own.

As part of a partnership with Kontrol Freek, CoD players can display their own can of Deadshot Daiquiri at their setups—but sadly, it’s not exactly drinkable. CoD’s latest performance thumbstick from Kontrol Freek is inspired by the can of zombies pop, and it comes in a great display case.

The thumbsticks sport a red and gold color scheme and a Deadshot Daiquiri icon to help with precision aiming on controller. But the best part is the replica soda can they come in.

Priced at $29.99, the thumbsticks come with the real-life can replica and a code for a Deadshot Daiquiri can weapon charm to use in MW3 and Warzone, so it’s honestly a pretty sweet bundle for Zombies players everywhere.

I’ve been an avid user of Kontrol Freek thumbsticks for about a decade, so I’m a big advocate of these and will likely be picking one up for myself. The can is just extra on top of an awesome product. And considering how the perk works in-game (it basically auto-aims to the head of zombies for easy kills), it’s a perfect matchup for the thumbsticks that are meant to help with aiming on controller.

The new Kontrol Freek sticks can be found on the company’s website and can be purchased now ahead of Black Ops 6’s release later this year when round-based Zombies maps return to CoD.

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