Is Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) on Nintendo Switch?

Zenless Zone Zero is Hoyoverse’s newest gacha game, boasting unique graphics, a fluid and satisfying combat system, and fun characters to mix and match. It’s also on a plethora of different systems, although many people aren’t sure if the Nintendo Switch is on that list.

Many different games have been featured on the Nintendo Switch, including some spiraling open-world titles that have pushed the technological boundaries of the console. ZZZ, on the other hand, is a complex gacha game that combines multiple styles into an exciting free-to-play RPG that captivates gamers with a great soundtrack, great characters, and an even greater combat system.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of another hyped project with a Joycon in hand, here is everything we know about ZZZ on the Nintendo Switch.

Will Zenless Zone Zero be on the Nintendo Switch?

Ben Bigger shown in the Agents screen in Zenless Zone Zero.
“Bearly” a peep about the Switch. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unfortunately for Switch fans, Hoyoverse has not shared any plans about adding ZZZ to the Nintendo Switch anytime soon. The title will remain on PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile devices for the near future until the developers decide to expand the game’s available platforms to more options.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise for Hoyoverse fans, though, since the company’s uber-popular title Genshin Impact was originally announced to be available for the Switch in 2020. Four years later, however, players have yet to hear any updates or details about its debut on the console. With ZZZ, players shouldn’t hold their breath for its addition, especially with Genshin being sidelined for so long.

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