JayH hit with provisional suspension from VALORANT Challengers due to suspected match fixing

Wong “JayH” Heng of Disguised’s VALORANT roster has been temporarily suspended from the VCT Challengers Malaysia and Singapore circuit on the grounds he allegedly participated in match-fixing.

In a statement released on X (formerly Twitter) on April 30, the organizer informed the community of the decision it had to take based on “a thorough compliance review” that indicated JayH’s purported involvement in match-fixing practices before VALORANT Challengers Malaysia and Singapore.

The official statement of @valesports_mysg on X regarding JayH
The official statement. Image via @valesports_mysg on X

“Consequently, we are issuing a provisional suspension on JayH from participating in all Riot Games esports, including official and third party tournaments, effective immediately until further notice, pending further review and adjudication,” the statement reads, before highlighting the importance of maintaining the tournament’s integrity. 

Interestingly, the statement also thanked the “vigilant members of our community” who apparently brought the matter to light. 

JayH has released a statement countering the organizer’s claims. Besides stressing he has never participated in any activities involving match-fixing, he said the investigation was carried out without their knowledge. “These allegations will hurt my reputation severely, especially since no due diligence was done in even contacting me to investigate beforehand,” he wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, JayH confirmed the tournament organizer has reached out to him and is currently communicating about the issue. “I stand by my statement that I do not match fix and have not participated in such activities,” he wrote. “I will do my best to comply with the investigations done by the team.”

Match-fixing is a serious offense, but JayH’s concerns about his reputation aren’t invalid if he’s innocent.

The dates for the second split of VALORANT Challengers Malaysia and Singapore haven’t been announced yet, so Disguised has some time to figure things out.

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